• A Rainbow in Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lake Fields Kibale, Uganda

Above and beyond all expectations!

Posted on Mon July 29, 2019.

First, Steve worked with us for TWO years to arrange an itinerary in Uganda for our family of four that went through many changes and a year long postponement due to a medical issue. He was always extremely responsive, kind and friendly, and provided fantastic advice during the entire time. He arranged for a safari that involved many activities and four different accommodations. Each lodge or guest house was unique, beautifully designed, and set in breathtaking surroundings. Each provided great food and incredibly kind and attentive service. We knew we could safely eat and drink everything they offered and we certainly enjoyed ourselves doing so.
Second, when we finally embarked on our tour, which was split into two parts due to some other plans in Uganda, our first guide, Muhammad arrived the night before departure to our remote forest location, just to ensure he had the right place. This was an extremely generous act on his part and he attended some of our evening activities and we really valued getting acquainted in this way. We had two days and one night in Murchinson Falls and he made sure we saw and did everything while also somehow fitting in a little downtime and good conversation. Then-- while still driving very safely-- he had us back in time for dinner the second day.
Next, a few days later, we were picked up in Entebbe for a safari through Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park by our second guide, Jonathan. Jonathan was friendly, kind, considerate, and punctual. He was very understanding when we were not always moving very fast toward the end of our three weeks of travel. He drove very long distances through a lot of road work and dust over five days, and yet always had the van dusted out and ready for the next leg of the journey. (The value of this will be clear if you have already taken a road trip between and through national parks in Uganda).
I most enthusiastically recommend Kombi Nation Tours!

Jennifer, US