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"Excellent value for money - 3 day Murchison Falls NP safari"

Posted on Sat July 27, 2019.

My wife and I did this 3 day safari only a few days ago. Kombi Tours were very helpful, sending us many documents with all kinds of information about how the trip would be, what our itinerary would be and how to prepare etc.

Our drive, Tom, was thoroughly professional and took care of everything for us. He picked us up at a backpacker hotel in Kampala and even drove us back to our place elsewhere in Kampala when the safari was over.

While the safari sounds short, you will see a lot in those 3 days. The park is packed with herds of Uganda Kobs, Hartebeests, waterbucks, water buffalo, hippos, elephants, giraffes, baboons, warthogs... we saw two lions next to an eaten antelope carcass trying to digest, we saw tons of elephants, they even crossed the road and approached the car... the baboons and warthogs you can get super close to at the river crossings.

Of course all manner of birds... guinea fowl, vultures...hundreds of different species.

If you are lucky you can also see leopard and shoebill stork.

We took the rhino tour and that was very special. Is it worth 90 USD for two..? Hard to say, but it is an experience and the money goes towards the breeding of these animals which they hope to reintroduce to the NP in about 10 years, followed by introduction to other NP's in Uganda.

The lodgings (tent inside of a straw roofing) were very comfortable, the food was excellent as well.

Of course, the boat ride to the bottom of the falls, and the drive up to the top of the falls the day after, were spectacular.

Ok so while Murchison Falls isn't Serengeti / Masai Mara, which are the pinnacle NP's (my impression from reading), you also pay much, much less for for this one, and I definitely recommend it whole heartedly, because we had a great time. I think the price is very reasonable!

Are, Norway