• A Rainbow in Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lake Fields Kibale, Uganda

"Safari Extra-ordinaire!"

Posted on Sat July 27, 2019.

As a child growing up in the UK I had always loved VW camper vans but never had the opportunity to ride in one, who knew that would all change in Uganda! Murchison Falls will never be the same after viewing the park and animals from the top of a VW Kombi - aka The Dude! We encountered a few issues with flood waters rising, but the driver was able and committed to ensuring the Dude and my group of friends got out before we got stranded in the park overnight! This safari trip has by far topped my list - with great memories and pictures had - an adventure never to be forgotten! Thank you Kombi Tours for your professionalism, thirst for adventure and most of all a great VW Kombi experience - until next time! :)

Anna, UK