• A Rainbow in Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lake Fields Kibale, Uganda

"Very professional company, excellent safari experience"

Posted on Sat July 27, 2019.

They are very responsive to requests for information. We went back and forth quite a bit refining our itinerary and they were very helpful in finding the right fit for us.

The safari itself was well planned and conducted. We had a comfortable car with a good driver to take us around. Everything went as planned because the logistics of all the tours and overnight locations were figured out by them. The cost of the safari is substantial but it includes accommodation, meals, car and driver, which also seems reasonable.

The safari itself was fantastic. All the trips were well guided by professionals and the wildlife was fantastic. It is amazing that they can pretty much guarantee that you'll get the experience you're looking for-- tracking chimps and gorillas, seeing lions in trees, etc. The best experience is the gorilla tracking... it's a challenging hike but the landscape and the gorillas make up for it.

The countryside drives to and from the destinations are also excellent. We drove from Entebbe to Kibale (for chimps), then QENP (for savanna safari) and then to Bwindi (for gorillas). It's a good way to see the landscape changes and the life of the locals. Overall, the safari was excellent.

Jeff, US