• A Rainbow in Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lake Fields Kibale, Uganda

"Wonderful trip of a lifetime!"

Posted on Sat July 27, 2019.

My husband and I were part of a large group who travelled together to Uganda - the 3 day safari with kombi tours was part of the trip.
We were picked up at our guest house in Kampala by mini buses and deposited back there 3 days later. From start to finish the 3 days were a real full-on adventure! All the drivers were amazing but particularly Tom and Paddy who drove us personally during the three days. They were all excellent, careful drivers and proved to be very knowledgeable about the animals we were to see during the 2 game drives. I was particularly keen to see the grey crowned crane (featured on the Ugandan flag) and Tom took me straight to it - we were delighted to see a breeding pair with their 2 babies grazing by the lakeside - a real highlight! Other highlights are too numerous to mention but I will never forget standing up in the minibus looking out of the open top at 2 bull elephants not 3 metres away munching on leaves from a tree, appearing to be oblivious to us taking photos. Tom also looked for and found a lion napping in a tree quite a distance away although one of the minibuses had apparently rounded a bend and came upon a pride of lions by the roadside!
As well as the game drives the trip to Murchison falls was such an adventure. The falls are awesome to see, even from a distance but the boat dropped some of us off someway from the base of the falls so we could walk to the top. We were accompanied by a guide although the way was clearly marked. It was a very steep incline in parts with stone steps and there was one steep downhill slope to bring you to the top of the falls. After a very hot walk it was lovely to reach the top and stand on a walkway where we were showered with spray from the falls! The buses met us at the carpark at the top to bring us down and we were welcomed by the drivers who showed a genuine delight that we had achieved our goal of reaching the top.
Our accommodation at the Murchison River lodge was excellent and everything we could have wished for. Food and facilities were very good.
The culmination of our safari adventure was a visit to the Ziwa White rhino sanctuary. This was an amazing experience and we were so lucky to see 5 rhinos grazing together. Being so close to a wild animal was a real privilege which we all appreciated.
Finally, from not really knowing what to expect from our holiday it turned into a trip of a lifetime. This was in no small part due to the marvellous safari we embarked upon - I would certainly recommend kombi tours.

Denise, UK