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  • Dugout canoe on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda
  • Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Take To The Lake (Bunyonyi)

Its Independence Day! Hop aboard Uganda's epic new Kayoola Diesel, our very own mission vehicle built in with award-winning conservation media specialist Shaban Senyange to experience the ‘place of many little birds’. Lake Bunyonyi is an idyllic highland lake, with its many inlets, dotted with islands and bordered by steep terraced farmland. It's one of Uganda’s most stunning vistas. The lake lies at 1962 meters above sea level in the Kigezi Highlands of south-western Uganda. This journey is packed with action, entertainment, with plenty of new friends to be made on the bus ride!

Travel in the Kayoola Diesel Coach, a modern coach by Kiira Motors conforming to EU regulation standards levels. Travel in comfort executive seats, AC, WiFi, USB charging ports, a refrigerator, washroom and allowing passengers to be their own DJs.


Itinerary - Take To The Lake (Bunyonyi) [TACP9-041]

Day One

Road Trippin' In The Kayoola Deisel

All aboard the Kayoola bus! Depart from the hustle and bustle of Kampala to drive west passing through vast swamps filled with swaying papyrus throngs and fishermen selling their freshly caught fish on the roadside. Continue your journey by passing the edge of Lake Mburo National Park, watching out for zebras as you drive and of course the herds Ankole cattle with their impressive horns! You will then journey into the hills of the Kigezi highlands, with stunning views over the hillsides carpeted in a patchwork of terraced farmlands, dotted by small farm houses and villages until you reach Lake Bunyonyi which translates as ‘place of many little birds’.
Estimated journey time: 8 hrs

Meals not included

Accommodation: Bunyonyi Overland Resort, cabin or furnished safari tent

Day Two

Take To The Lake!

Explore Lake Bunyonyi and the surrounding hills by hiking and canoeing with a knowledgeable local guide. Begin your day by taking to the water in a local dugout canoe to reach the Kyabahinga Peninsula and visit the local nursery school, where you’ll be welcomed to a singing and dancing performance by the pupils. Then meet a local brewer and taste the local beer if you choose, called Obushera that has been drunk here for generations. Before a 30 minute hike to the peninsula's hilltop for a session with a traditional healer, who will share their secrets of tropical highland flora. You will then make your way to Lanick's place, which offers some stunning views over most of Lake Bunyonyi, its 29 islands and the distant Muhavura volcano. Lanick will regale you with some of the colourful tales, legends and historical facts related to this area and communities dotted around the lake. Your final stop off will then be at Mrs Anna’s place who is  a craft maker who will show you the tricks of her trade. Before you return down the hillside to the lakeshore and make the canoe journey back across the waters of Lake Bunyonyi.
Estimated excursion time: 5 hrs

Spend some time relaxing at Bunyonyi Overland Resort on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. If you’re feeling energetic there are traditional dugout canoes available for you to paddle along the lakeshore or a motorboat available to you to venture deeper into the lake (for an additional cost*). Of course you can also swim from the dock, relax with a good book or birdwatch with species such as the Pied Kingfisher to be spied hovering and diving into the water. However you choose to spend your time, you will truly unwind at one of the most idyllic lakes in the Kigezi Highlands.

Meals not included

Accommodation: Bunyonyi Overland Resort, cabin or furnished safari tent (double occupancy)

Day Three

Road Trippin' In The Kayoola Deisel

Depart from Lake Bunyonyi to travel through the picturesque Kigezi Highlands, a scenery of hills and valleys carpeted with a mosaic of terraced farmlands, farmsteads and villages. As you journey north the landscape flattens to undulating hills and plains before you pass the edge of Lake Mburo National Park. Here you should watch out for zebras grazing on the roadside and the herds of Ankole cattle with their impressive horns. On passing Masaka you’ll drive through vast swamps filled with swaying papyrus throngs, with fishermen selling their freshly caught fish on the roadside. Before you finally arrive at your destination, the busy streets of Kampala.

Meals not included

Accommodation: Not included