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Savannah Wings Flying Safaris

Savannah Wings is The Adventure Committee’s luxury flying safari brand, supplying a selection of luxury fly-in gorilla trekking packages & tailored chartered flight services.

Our luxury safari package collection features Uganda's premier destinations; Bwindi Impenetrable NP for gorilla trekking, Kibale NP for the chimpanzee habituation exercise & classic African savannah safaris in Murchison Falls & Queen Elizabeth NP's. Our chartered flying safaris include exclusive excursions, upmarket lodges & a greater destination range, including Virunga NP in D.R. Congo, Volcanoes NP in Rwanda & Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda.

Savannah Wings Homepage

The place to begin planning your luxury flying safari adventure from the Savannah Wings homepage. Flights are available to alluring destinations in D.R. Congo, Rwanda & Uganda, with luxury safari lodges & services.

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Flying Safari Packages

Luxury flying safari packages to Uganda's top destinations, including savannah safaris in Murchison Falls & Queen Elizabeth NP's, chimp habituation in Kibale NP & gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable NP.

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D.R. Congo Flying Safaris

Chartered flying safaris to D.R. Congo includes destinations such as Virunga NP which is home to the rare mountain gorillas living in pristine rainforest & the world's largest lava lake cradled in the summit of Mount Nyiragongo.

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Rwanda Flying Safaris

Chartered flying safaris to Rwanda include destinations such as Volcanoes NP with its iconic volcano vista, on the slopes of which you can track the golden monkeys, endemic to the Virunga volcanoes & rare mountain gorillas. 

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Uganda Flying Safaris

Chartered flying safaris to Uganda include destinations such as Bwindi NP for gorilla trekking, chimpanzee habituation in Kibale NP & savannah safaris in Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth & Kidepo Valley NP's.

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